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The Wonder Hanger Will Keep Your Clothes Neat and Orderly

There are so many of us that spend more time than we would like to trying to neaten up our closets so that we can use them for better storage spaces. We do this so that we can avoid having strayed clothes and other things all over the house. Many of us have asked for help on how to keep our closets neat and orderly. Finally, someone has answered our pleas for help on how to get more clothes and other belongings into our closets while also helping us in keeping them neat and orderly. You can have a neat and orderly closet and be able retrieve items from it much easier now, thanks to a wonderful new tool for increased closet storage and organization. The makers of the Wonder Hanger have designed a clever solution for storing more clothes in closets. This miraculous hanger extension has many other benefits, which also includes a very reasonable price.

The Wonder Hanger can increase your closets storage capacity by as much as three times what it is now. Imagine how many more clothes you could fit into your closet without it becoming an unmanageable and disgusting mess. A Wonder Hanger can hold up to five garments and twenty pounds without breaking! With your purchase of a Wonder Hanger set, you will receive ten Wonder Hangers that can hold as many as fifty garments all while using less space than if you tried hanging them with regular hangers. Furthermore, you will get four bending hangers with your set purchase that are perfect for hanging lingerie, slim strap dresses, and other clothing that easily falls off regular hangers. As a bonus for new customers, the makers of the Wonder Hanger are also including two LED mini lights for your closet with your purchase of the set. This can help to provide more illumination for viewing clothes before selecting what to wear.

The Wonder Hanger is versatile enough that it works in even the tiniest of closets to increase their storing and organizing power, and so much more. How often have you wished for a bigger closet so that you could hang more clothes and keep your closet neat and organized? With Wonder Hangers, you can do that easily and inexpensively. Transform every closet in your home into storage and organizing masters with the miraculous power of the Wonder Hanger.

With the Wonder Hanger, your clothes will be resistant to wrinkling, unlike the clothes that are crammed into a closet with other hangers. Closets crammed full of clothes make getting dressed difficult and they make it harder to maintain even the simplest semblance of order to them as well. You are a busy person, and you most likely do not need the delay and frustration of trying to choose clothes to wear from a messy closet in which you cannot even see all of your clothing choices. The wonder hanger keeps all of your clothing visible for faster choosing. You will not have to deal with stuff falling onto the floor of your closet either as the wonder hanger keeps everything securely in place.

The Wonder Hanger works for hanging and keeping more than just clothes organized. Use them to hang purses, scarves, belts, ties, and similar things that can make a mess of your closet in a snap. Now you can hang these items neatly, grab any of them as needed, and be out the door and on your way sooner and with much less stress.

You may have seen or heard about the Wonder Hanger in advertisements on TV. You can find more information about the Wonder Hanger online and even order your Wonder Hanger set through several vendors, including the official Wonder Hanger website. Learn why the Wonder Hanger has become so popular and are finding their way into many closets in homes all across the country today.

The Wonder Hanger set includes all of the tools you will need for expanding your closets storing capability, and for organizing and keeping everything in your closet in a neat and orderly fashion. Consider how many ways an organized closet can benefit you and it is all thanks to this low cost miracle hanger extension known as the Wonder Hanger. Store more clothes and other belongings in your closet, protect clothes from getting wrinkles, find clothes to wear with less hassle and stress, spend less time having to clean and reorganize your closet to keep it orderly and tidy, and help keep the rest of your home tidier by expanding the storage spaces in all your homes closets with Wonder Hangers.


Hall Chests - Add To Your Storage Options

If you've ever had the opportunity to visit your childhood home, then you know that the closets were amazingly small back when you were a kid. Sure, they seemed large enough to play hide and seek in and store your school and play clothes, but that was about it. Especially when you had to share your room with a brother or sister.

Even the coat closet by the front door was tiny, at least compared to today's cavernous walk-in closets, which should come with tour maps and a guide.

And yet, our closets still stretch and bulge to the point that they look possessed by demons. We just have so much stuff and as any homeowner knows, "stuff expands over the years to fill the space available."

It's difficult to add a closet to a home, but it's a cinch to add hall chests, which can handle your ever growing collection of goods with expandable aplomb.

Hall chests used to be a fixture of every American home. Available in a wide range of styles, these differ from the cedar chest or hope chests you may have in mind. Like their ancestors, hall chests look a lot like a dresser or chest of drawers. They have large drawers that can hold linens, seasonal serving items, games or memories.

These hall chests fit well in any hall, of course. But they can also tuck in under a stairwell, at the top of a landing, outside the bedrooms - anywhere additional space is needed; yet a closet is either unavailable or impractical.

As with all furniture these days, hall chests come in a wide range of styles, finishes and materials. Some hall chests are extremely ornate, mimicking those that were popular at the turn of the century. Others are simpler, picking up design cues from the Amish.

When selecting hall chests for spaces in your home, you can either choose to select styles that are similar or which complement your existing furnishings or use them as transitional pieces to go from one style to another. This works particularly well when hall chests are placed on landings or in between floors. They can often be used to set the tone for the next floor up, picking up colors or designs from one floor to the other.

Shopping for hall chests is much like any other dresser-style furnishing. You want to make sure that your hall chests are well built. The drawers should be large so that you can use them for a variety of purposes. You don't want to limit your choices by picking a chest that has drawers that aren't wide enough to fit in a few board games or a large comforter.

Hall chests can also add storage to a large bathroom. Why travel back and forth to the linen closet when you can store extra towels and toiletries in an attractive hall chest right in the bathroom. You'll gain a new appreciation for hall chests when you step out of a shower soaking wet and need a fresh towel.


Creative Methods for Organizing Family Photos

The majority of families have hundreds of photos stored in drawers, bins, and albums, and you might not be any different. You might even have a strategy or a few good ideas of how you would like to get these pictures organized one day. The tough thing is that it is quite easy to keep putting off doing this job since it is somewhat time consuming and requires effort. If it is a high priority for you to organize your family photos then follow the tips below and you will do just fine.

Plan on Protecting Your Pictures

Your greatest priority in storing your photos should be to save from any harm that could occur during their time in storage. At times your photos could get damaged even if they are stored in albums. As an example, one style of album called a "magnetic" album will likely cause your photos to stick which might eventually lead to harm. Your pictures could also get hurt if they are being stored in albums that are not specifically acid-free. Pictures can often become bent, ripped, and damaged in other ways if they are merely stashed in boxes or crates. While pictures that are just prints of digital files may always be reprinted, you still have to very carefully store vintage pictures to prevent damage. You may not even have the original negatives for a few of your favorite pictures. You are at risk of losing those pictures forever if they are damaged beyond repair. Before this happens, you should make plans for safe photograph storage. There are many great ways to keep your pictures safe, including scrapbook albums, boxes made expecially for holding photos, and bins that are specifically made from acid-free materials. Of course, you might also wish to display some of your favorite pictures, even if you want to keep the originals stored with the rest of your archived pictures. You'll even be able to exhibit those vintage photographs in picture frames if you simply take the time to copy them and make copies. You might even be able to improve the look of them on a computer program if there are markings from stains, rips, or creases.

Making the Perfect Photo Album

Although there probably really is not any such thing as the "perfect picture album," there are album styles that can be the best thing for a specific need you've got in mind. You may, for example, desire to sort your photos in a certain way such as by subject, chronology, or some other idea you may have. So long as the sorting technique works for you, there is nothing wrong with it. If your photos are currently stuffed into boxes without any semblance of order, it might take a bit of time and also effort to get them all categorized. You may be able to get this job done rather quickly if you simply dedicate a whole table and a couple days of your time to doing the task. When they are all organized you might count them and figure out exactly how many albums or perhaps scrapbooks you will need to have in order to find a place for them all. If you cannot afford to purchase these albums all at once, set a goal of purchasing and completing one album each month, or whatever arrangement fits both your time schedule and your budget. As you are sorting your photos, you are likely to find some favorite pictures that you haven't seen in years. Displaying these favorites in picture frames can be a great way of enjoying them all over again.

So don't stress anymore and begin organizing your photos today!


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